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Visiting Pig island Koh Samui (Koh Madsum) is one of the most recommended things to do from Koh Samui. This island is located south of Koh Samui and can be reached by boat within only 15 minutes. Most of the tours operating from Koh Samui to this island is combining it with another island called Koh Tan. That’s because both islands are located next to each others within the same area.

You can visit this island either by Longtail boat or Speedboat, or you can book a private yacht charter to spend a day in the island in case you are looking for something more exclusive.

This island is famous due to the pigs living in there (Some people call it the Pigs island). You will find pigs swimming in the sea waters or laying down by the beach once you arrive to the island. There are also some amazing snorkeling spots around the island where you can enjoy watching the beautiful corals and colorful fishes. You can check and book your tour to Koh Mat sum from Koh Samui from the below options and Pay online through our website with instant confirmation.

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Where is Pig Island koh Samui located

The Pig island (locally named as Koh Madsum) is located in the Gulf of Thailand, close to the larger and more famous island of Koh Samui. It’s easy to reach Pig island from Koh Samui by boat in only 20 minutes. 

Koh Madsum Pig island Koh Samui

There are tours operating daily from Koh Samui including at a stop at Koh Madsum (Pigs island). These tours are either by Longtail boats or Speed boats. They usually combine the Pig island with other islands and attractions located within the same area. These other islands may include Koh Tan and other nearby spots for dolphins watching.

Pig Island Samui

The Story behind the pigs living on the island

The island’s most notable feature is its population of  wild pigs. These pigs are known for living by the beaches and even swimming in the sea, making them a unique attraction for visitors and the island’s main highlight.

The island’s pig population began with a small family of four pigs. They were brought to the island by a local resident named Mr. Kitt. He is the owner of the restaurant and bar situated on the island. Mr. Kitt purchased these pigs from a local market in Surat Thani during a trip to the mainland, then he decided to bring them back to Koh Madsum.

Over time, these pigs became a significant attraction, allowing tourists who visit the island to see and interact with them. As of now, the pig population has grown to a total of 12 pigs after three generations. The pigs are known to spend their time relaxing in the shade of coconut trees, playing in the sand, and swimming in the ocean.

Pigs island Thailand

The Pigs are located around Mat Sum bar, owned by Mr. Kitt. This is the main place where all the boat trips stop during their itinerary. They are often seen sunbathing on the sands or even swimming in the crystal clear waters near the beach. This unique behavior of pigs is not commonly observed in other parts of the world, and has made Koh Madsum a popular destination for tourists seeking to experience this rare sight and interact with these animals in a natural setting.

Other things to do in Koh Madsum island

  • Swimming & Relaxing: Koh Madsum is a beautiful island, offering beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming and relaxing. The island’s sandy beaches are ideal for tourists looking for a peaceful environment away from the crowded beaches in Koh Samui.
  • Snorkeling around Koh Madsum is an amazing experience, thanks to the island’s vibrant marine life and clear waters. The waters around the island are home to colorful coral reefs and a wide variety of marine species. The shallow coral reefs are easily accessible, making it a suitable activity for both beginners (including kids) and experienced snorkelers.

Other Things to know about Pig island Koh Samui

Yes, It is possible, there is only one Hotel Operating on this island called The treasure Koh Madsum resort. This exclusive boutique  resort features 37 villa units, offering a luxurious and intimate stay for its guests.

Yes there is 50 Thai Baht admission fee that you have to pay in order to enter the island.

Yes Families traveling with children can go to Koh Mad sum however parents need to accompany the Children when in there. Pigs located on the island are friendly however it’s always better to leave children alone especially when there are animals.

Koh Madsum near Koh Samui