How will the Coming Back of Chinese Tourists Affect Inbound Travel to Thailand?

How will the Coming Back of Chinese Tourists Affect Inbound Travel to Thailand?

Before the COVID 19 Pandemic, China has been the most important Source Market for the Inbound Tourism in Thailand. In the year of 2019, Around 20 Million Chinese Tourists Traveled to Thailand, and that represented more than Half of the total Number of Arrivals to the Kingdom in that year. 

Since the Start of the COVID 19 pandemic, The Chinese Government has been very Strict in terms of travel Restrictions for Going in and out of The Country and was Trying to reach the 0 Cases Goal. 

During the First 20 Days of December 2022, almost 250 Million People in China may have Caught the COVID 10 Virus, according to an Internal Estimate from China’s top health officials. The Chinese Government has realized that Lockdowns and Travel Restrictions are not Helping in Containing the Virus Spread, therefore, they have Decided to Gradually Open the Borders and Allow Outbound International Travel from the 8th of January 2023. 

In Return, Many governments around the World Started to Impose some Travel restrictions for people Coming from China, and Some others Imposed the restrictions on Several Southeast Asian Countries as Well.

Reaction of the Nations worldwide towards the reopening of the Chinese Outbound Travel

Several Countries around the World Started to Require a Negative COVID 19 PCR Test Upon arrival or 48 Hours before Traveling back from China. Some Other Countries Applied the Same, not only for Travelers Coming back from China, But, Other Southeast Asian Countries too. 

For Example, India has recently Announced that All travelers coming back from Thailand, China (including Hong Kong), Japan, South Korea and Singapore, are Required to Present a Negative RT PCR Test within 48 Hours before Flying to India.

Thailand New Travel Restrictions

Did the Thai Government Impose any Travel Restrictions?

During the Last Week, The Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Tourism & Sport and the Ministry of Transportation in Thailand Met Together to Plan How to Prevent The New Wave of COVID 19 after Welcoming the Chinese Tourists from the 8th of January, and the below is a Summary of what they Concluded during the Meeting (The Below Will be applied Until the End of January and it’s not yet Decided whether it will be Extended for after that or not)

Required Insurance for People Traveling from Certain Countries

For People traveling from the Countries where their Governments require a PCR Test before going Back, the Thai government Requires them to have a Travel Insurance Covering COVID 19 Treatment Expenses in Thailand. (Such as People Traveling from India)

For The People traveling from Countries where governments are not Requiring them a Pre arrival COVID Test, The Thai Government Recommends them to have Insurance, However, it’s not required. 

COVID Boosters will be Available for tourists

Vaccine Boosters will be available for Sale For Tourists in Thailand for a Fee of 800 Thai Baht 

(It has not yet been confirmed the Type of Vaccine that will be provided at that Price, and whether these Prices will be applied in Public Hospitals Only or in Private Hospitals As well). 

Thailand Updated Travel Restrictions Visa Service

Preparing PCR Test Locations

The Thai government is Preparing the PCR Test Locations in Several Spots around the Touristic Destinations in Thailand (PCR Tests will not be free of Charge, However the Prices are not yet Published)

Checking the Airplanes’ Water Waste Upon arrival

One of the Procedures that the Thai government is Planning to take, is to Detect the Water Waste from the Aircrafts Arriving from all Countries to check Randomly the Approximate Percentage of COVID 19 infections on the Aircrafts Same as has been applied in Other Countries around the world. However, it’s not yet Clear what Will be the Procedure in Case the Percentage of the Infections on the Flight is Higher than the Allowed. 

Staying in SHA PLUS Hotels is recommended, But Not required

It’s Recommended to Stay at SHA Plus Hotels during your Stay to Reduce the Risk of Getting COVID as Much as Possible. A SHA PLUS Hotel is an Hotel where more than 70% of the Staff is Fully Vaccinated.

Controlling on Arrival

The Ministry of Transportation is also preparing and Getting ready for the New Reopening of the Chinese Outbound Market. All Airports will be Prepared as it’s Expected that the Number of Tourists Arriving Thailand within the Coming months will be Approximately half of What it used to be Before the Pandemic.

What are the Expected Numbers of Chinese Arrivals to Thailand within the Next Coming Months

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is Expecting 60,000 Chinese Tourists to arrive Thailand in January 2023, and 90,000 in February. 

The Thai Government Has Concerns and is Seriously Taking its Precautions as the Chinese New Year is Coming up, and during that time in 2020, It was the start of the Spread of the COVID 19 Virus.

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