Is Thailand COVID Extension Still applicable?
Is Thailand COVID Extension Still applicable?

Many Expats and tourists in Thailand are wondering whether they can still do the Covid Extension after finishing their Visa Duration or not. (Whether coming under the visa exemption Scheme or with a Tourist Visa – TR). 

The Good News is that the COVID Visa Extension is still valid for application before the 25th of July 2022. (For later Extension dates, the Immigration offices are still waiting for official announcements clarifying whether this Extension will remain or will expire after that day).

Thailand Visa Extension

How early before my Visa expires can I do the COVID Extension?

You can apply for the COVID visa extension for up to 30 days before the expiry date. So for the people whose visa is going to expire in later august (up to 25 august), they can still do the Thailand Covid visa extension before 25 July.

Remark: the extension will be applied from the day your visa will be expired not from the day you apply for the visa extension.

Visa Extension Service

How many days is the COVID extension valid for? Is the 60 days guaranteed?

Some immigration officers in Some Provinces can extend for you just for 30 days and then you will be able to come back later to request another 30 days Extension, and some others give you the full 60 days extension from the Start. 

Our service for Visa extension 

We provide visa extension service in Thailand in Both Bangkok and chonburi Provinces, you can communicate with us through email for more details: 


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