Thailand Updated Entry Requirements (Updated 18th March)

Thailand Updated Entry Requirements (Updated 18th March)

The Thailand CCSA (Center for COVID 19 Situation administration) has announced on the 18th of March that the Predeparture PCR Test within 72 Hours is no longer required to enter Thailand (To be applied from 1 April onwards)

Thailand New Entry requirements

Below is the Summary of the requirements needed to enter Thailand under the current rules: (Updated 18 March 2022):

For Fully vaccinated Travelers (Traveling under test and Go Model)

  • All Travelers to Thailand must have a Prebooked and prepaid 1 Night Quarantine Package in an Hotel that has the license of either SHA Extra Plus or AQ. 
  • The Package must also include PCR Test which will be conducted on the day of arrival (In Phuket it will be done at the Airport upon arrival, and in Bangkok, Pattaya or Any other destination that is allowed for test and Go, the test will be conducted in either the Hotel or at the hotel’s partnered Hospital)
  • Insurance covering at least 20,000 USD for COVID 19 treatment expenses.
  • In addition to the Above requirements, The traveler has to be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before traveling.
  • After having all of these documents prepared, The Traveler will need to apply for the Thailand Pass to get approval for traveling.
  • The Guest will also receive a Rapid Antigen test Kit to self Test on day 5 and Report the Result on the Morchana Application

You can check our all in one Packages including all the requirements needed for traveling to Thailand for Vaccinated Travelers, if you book one of our packages, we will only need from you: Passport copy, Flight itinerary, Vaccine Proof, and we will arrange all the rest for you. 

You can check and request these packages through the below links:

Test and Go Bangkok Packages

Test and Go Pattaya Packages

Test and Go Phuket Packages

Thailand updated entry requirements

Requirements For Non Vaccinated Travelers: (Traveling under the Happy Quarantine Model) 

  • Travelers have to Book a 5 Nights Quarantine Package in an Approved AQ (Alternative Quarantine) hotel, the package will be including 2 PCR tests conducted. 
  • In addition, Insurance covering 20,000 USD For COVID 19 treatment expenses is needed as well.
  • After arranging these required documents, Travelers will need to Apply for their Thailand Pass to get the approval for traveling to Thailand.

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