New Domestic Travel restrictions for Entering Phuket
New Domestic Travel restrictions for Entering Phuket
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As of the 29th of July, 51 new COVID 19 Infections have been reported in Phuket. Therefore, more restrictions have been in place for Domestic Travel For entry to Phuket. These restrictions are temporary, and will be applied from the 3rd of August till the 16th of August. (The restrictions have been extended until the 31st of August 2021)

Only the below Reasons/ Conditions must be present in order to be Able to enter Phuket:

  1. All types of Vehicles coming to Phuket are not allowed to enter Phuket Except having a Proof for one of the Below Reasons: (All the Below have to be fully vaccinated)
  • Ambulance Vehicles
  • Trucks or Vans Delivering Medicines
  • Gaz and Petrol Trucks
  • Trucks and Vans Delivering Money from Other Provinces to Phuket
  • Postal Delivery
  • Passengers having an International Flight Departing from Phuket international Airport at the same day, will be allowed to Enter to Phuket.
  • If a Passenger having an Appointment in a Court or is called for Investigation in one of the offices inside Phuket Province, They will be allowed to enter.
  • For Workers in the construction field (Working in such as Repairing the Roads, Or Helping with the Flood Reparations,… will be allowed to enter Phuket Province.

Remark: If a Traveler is having another reason for entering Phuket other than the ones mentioned above, The entry will be subject to the Approval of the Officers at the Check in Point.

Phuket Domestic Entry Restrictions

2. For Non Vaccinated Students aged under 18 years Old, they Can enter Phuket but will need to have an authorization letter from an education institution and must have RT PCR Test 72 Hours Before arrival to Phuket. (in case the Student is Living in a nearby province and need to travel to Phuket Daily or Frequently, he can Use one PCR test For 1 Month, and wont need to do it everytime that he/she needs to re enter the Province.

3. For people who have an appointment to receive Vaccine , They Can Enter to Phuket, however, they will need to have an RT PCR test or Rapid antigen test within 72 Hours before arrival.

PCR Test for Domestic Travel to Phuket

In addition to That, All travelers must:

  • Have the Morchana Application installed and Activated on the Phone and they must be Sharing their location all the Time.
  • Show All Proving documents needed to the Officers at the Check in Point.

Additional Remark:

All the Interprovincial transportation will be Stopped from 11 PM to 4 AM, and entry to Phuket under one of the above conditions will only be allowed if Traveling from 4 AM till 11 PM.

Morchana Application in Thailand


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