Test and Go Scheme has been Suspended
Test and Go Scheme has been Suspended

On the 21st of December 2021, Thailand CCSA (Center for Covid Situation administration in Thailand) has arranged a Meeting to take necessary steps and actions to prevent the Spread of the New Omicron Variant. 

The Meeting has resulted in changing Thailand’s Entry Rules and requirements for International Arrivals as per below Details: 

People Already have received or already applied for  their Thailand Pass

For the People who have already applied for the Thailand Pass and received their QR CODES, they are still able to enter the Country under the Test and Go Scheme, However, additional PCR Test will be Applied by the Government without additional Cost. For the People who applied for the Past and did not receive it yet, they have to wait until it gets approved to be able to enter Thailand under the Test and Go Scheme or the Model They applied for (Blue Zone,..)

For New Applicants

For people who have not applied For their Thailand Pass yet, They will be eligible to enter the Country only through either the Phuket Sandbox Model or The Happy Quarantine Model

The Phuket Sandbox Model is allowing Guests to Stay in Sha plus Hotels for 7 Nights (will be able to move around Phuket Freely after the Result of the First PCR Test conducted on Day 1. And they will be able to Move to another Province in Thailand after Spending at Least 7 Nights in Phuket.

In case of Traveling to Bangkok or Pattaya, Blue Zone and Test and Go Schemes have been Suspended until further Notice and the only way to enter through these provinces is by Applying under the Happy Quarantine Model. 

Phuket Sandbox instead of Test and go

How long will this Last and what is the next Step?

There will be another meeting Held by The CCSA on the 4th of January in order to Review the COVID Situation in Thailand and Worldwide, and accordingly, Necessary Actions and rules will be applied on whether adding more restrictions, Keeping it the Same, or Easing restrictions for entry. 


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