Thailand Tourism Updates 20 APRIL

Thailand Tourism Updates 20 APRIL

Thailand Reopening News

Phuket Sandbox Timeline may be reset

Thailand Tourism and Sports Ministry has mentioned that the timeframe for Reopening Phuket under the “Sandbox” Scheme in July may need to be postponed. The Reopening Plan was going to take place if 70% Of Phuket’s Population is Vaccinated, However, the Province Might not secure enough Doses of Vaccines to reach that target by July. There will be a meeting arranged during this coming week to finalize the decision regarding this issue. The Government is also waiting to hear back from other countries neighbor Countries to continue negotiations on Potential Travel Bubbles.

Source: The Bangkok Post

Patong Beach Phuket

Thailand to Attract 1 Million Retirees

Thailand has the Plan to attract around 1 Million Retirees in the next few years, and this could generate around 1.2 Trillion THB to the Thai Economy. In order to that, the government may modify some of its immigration rules. This may include removing the 90 days reports of their whereabouts, to make it easier for long Stay Tourists and expats to Stay Longer in the Kingdom.

Source: The Bangkok Post

retirement Visa in Thailand

General Tourism Updates

Several ASQ Hotels to turn into Hospitals

The Thai Hotels Association are proposing hotels be used as “hospitels”. It means that Hotels turn to be temporary Hospitals to reduce the Crowds and the High Traffic on normal Hospitals. 23 Hotels are already registered. Strict Criteria are imposed in order to turn Hotels to “Hospitels”, This includes the following:

  • The Hotel Must have at Least 30 Rooms
  • A Nurse Available per Maximum 20 Patients
  • The Hotel must have already been licensed as an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Facility.

Source: The Thaiger

Junior Suite at Chor Cher

Interprovincial Travel Updates

Interprovincial Travel Restrictions has been imposed by Many Thai provinces. Restrictions measures vary from a Province to another an it ranges from Negative COVID tests to 14 days Voluntary Quarantine. Phuket and Pattaya do not impose any restrictions on Interprovincial Travel.

Pattaya Music Festival has been Cancelled

The Pattaya Music Festival has been cancelled ( Was going to be Held from 30 Apr-2 May).

Vaccine Updates

The Thai government has Confirmed that the vaccination drive nationwide will be carried out in June with 6 million Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine (Locally Produced) as planned.

COVID 19 Vaccine Thailand Tourism Updates
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