Thailand Tourism Updates 26 APRIL

Thailand Tourism Updates 26 APRIL

General Tourism Updates

23 APRIL: Koh Samui has been ranked as the 10th Best Island for Retirement Worldwide

According to the North American Based magazine for Retirees “International Living”, Koh Samui has been ranked as the 10th Best Island for retirement Due to its Peace, Privacy, Simple way of Life and Strong Communities.

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Koh Samui one of The Best for Retirement

24 APRIL: Thai Tourism Reduces its 2021 Arrival Goals after the third Wave Outbreak

The Tourism Goals have been dropped down from 1.218 Trillion Thai Baht to 850 Billion Thai Baht. And the Expected Number of International Arrivals has dropped down from 6.5 Million to 3 – 4 Million.

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23 APRIL: 6,737 Foreign Tourists arrived to Thailand in March 2021

99.2% Less than the year earlier, Thailand has received 6,737 Foreign tourists arrivals in March 2021 compared to 819,429 in March 2020. From January until March 2021, Foreign arrivals were 20,172, Which is 99.7% Less than the year Earlier (6.69 Million arrivals).

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Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Reopening and Travel Restrictions

25 APRIL: Bangkok Imposes 2 Weeks Restrictions on COVID 19 High Risk Venues.

BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) has also announced that wearing a Mask all the times in Public areas is Compulsory all the Times in Both Outdoor and Indoor Public areas.

The Administration has also Imposed restrictions for High risk Venues and gatherings (31 Types of Business venues and Gatherings) , This Include both, Order to Close or Adjustments in the Operating house for the next two Weeks from the 26th of APRIL to the 9th of May 2021.

Check the List of the 31 Types of Businesses: TAT News

25 APRIL: Thailand Temporarily Bans Arrivals from India

All Indians and Foreigners arriving from India, are banned to enter the Kingdom of Thailand Due to spike of COVID 19 Cases in there. Only Thai Citizens returning from India will be allowed to enter the counry.

Read more: The Bangkok Post

23 APRIL: Koh Kood has Temporarily Closed for Tourists From the 23rd of April Till the 1st of May

After that Hotel Employees on The Island have been tested COVID 19 Positive, Koh Kood (in Trat) has closed for Tourists. However, Shuttle Boat Service will remain Operating just for the Island’s local residents until the 1st of May.

Read more: Pattaya Mail

Koh Kood Thailand Updates 26 APRIL

Vaccines Updates

24 APRIL: 500,000 Doses of Sinovac Vaccine Arrived to Thailand on the 24th of APRIL

On the 24th of APRIL, Thailand has received 500,000 Doses of the SInovac’ Coronavac Vaccine from Bejing.

Read more: The Pattaya Mail

How The Secured Doses of Vaccine in Thailand will be Distributed

Thailand Vaccination Distribution, This is how the COVID 19 Vaccine’s Secured doses will be distributed in Thailand:

  • Chiang Mai: 3,064,952 Doses
  • Phuket: 925,588 Doses
  • Pattaya: 864,386 Doses
  • Krabi: 745,486 Doses
  • Koh Samui: 524,993 Doses
  • Koh Phangan: 39,024 Doses
  • Koh Tao: 7,448 Doses
COVID 19 Vaccine doses distribution in Thailand
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