Thailand Tourism Updates 6 APRIL 2021
Thailand Tourism Updates 6 APRIL 2021

General Tourism News

  • The WTTC (World Travel and tourism Council) have certified the SHA Certificate of Amazing Thailand to be aligned with the Safetravels Protocols. This Means that Thai Tourism Organizations holding the SHA Certificate are allowed to Display the WTTC Safetravels Logo as well. Read More
  • The TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Has released a new TVC Advertisement under the name of “WAIT NO MORE” Amazing Moments, Amazing Thailand. Promoting Thailand as a Top Travel Destination.
  • The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association is Planing to Organize Tourist Events monthly aiming to Attract Crowds. These events will include Cultural Shows, Concerts and Sports competitions. Read more
  • Thai Airways will be Selling Its inflight meals At the 7 Eleven Convenient Stores and Supermarkets around the Country. Read more
  • The Thai Government has plans in attracting one Million High Income Foreign Investors and International Tourists in S Curve industries to Thailand. The Attraction measures may include Amending Some regulations on Properties’ Ownerships in order to attract High Income Retirees. Read more
  • The Tourism Council of Thailand Estimates that Phuket will receive 2 million International Tourists in 2021.

The Arrival Expectation is as follows:

  • 700,000 Tourists From Hong Kong, Macau and China
  • 600,000 Tourists from Australia, Europe and the USA. In Europe the Key Markes are Germany, France, The UK and Sweden.
  • 250,000 Tourists from ASEAN Countries
  • 250,000 Tourists from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan
  • And 200,000 Tourists from India, The UAE and Israel
Phuket Reopens to Vaccinated

Reopening Thailand

The Thai Cabinet has approved the Plan to reopen Phuket For international Vaccinated Tourists with no Quarantine to be required upon arrival from 1 JULY 2021. In order this to be applied, The Province has to vaccinate at least 70% of its Population, which required Around 925,000 Doses of Vaccine.

Phuket is Aiming to Vaccinate 100,000 People in APRIL, and Expects 300,000 Doses in May, 200,000 Doses in June and 260,000 Doses in July. Read more

Quarantine Updates Summary

Quarantine Reduced to 7 Days For Vaccinated Tourists:

Thailand Officially reduces Quarantine for Vaccinated Tourists to 7 Days for Vaccinated Tourists, Terms and Conditions apply on how this 7 Days Quarantine will be Implemented.

Check more Details

Non Vaccinated Tourists Traveling from low risk countries will need to Spend 10 days in Quarantine upon Arrival to Thailand.

Thailand has reduced the Quarantine days for non-vaccinated travelers coming from the Low Risk countries to 10 days instead of 14 days. ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) Hotels, have already Published their new 10 Days Quarantine Packages.

Tourists Traveling from High Risk Countries need to Spend 14 Days Quarantine:

On the 30th of March, The list of the High risk countries has been finalized and it includes: South Africa, Zimbabwe. Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Cameroon,  Congo, Ghana, Tanzania. People traveling from these countries will still need to undergo 14 days Quarantine upon arrival to Thailand.


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