What Happens if you test positive during the Phuket Sandbox?
What Happens if you test positive during the Phuket Sandbox?
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Since the Outbreak of the New Omicron Variant, The Number of Positive Cases for COVID 19 in Thailand and worldwide have increased significantly, and more people get tested Positive Upon arrival and on their Second Test on Day 5. 

How Many People tested Positive Lately while Joining the Phuket Sandbox:

From 28 December 2021 until 13 January 2022, Phuket has received a Total of 47,091 Tourists Under Sandbox Model, Test and Go and Happy Quarantine Model. Among these 47,091 Tourists, 1,726 have tested positive during either their first or Second PCR test which represents 3.66% of the Total Number of arrivals. 

The rate of Positive Tested Tourists has Increased around 18 times more than how it used to be in October/ November 2021 (Used to be only 0.2%)

test positive during the Phuket Sandbox

The Good thing is that most of the Reported Cases are either with no Symptoms at all or with very mild symptoms that don’t need any Special Treatment. 

What Happens if Your PCR Test result turns out to be Positive?

You will receive the test result by email that you have registered upon arrival or at the test center. 

The hotel will be informed that your test turned Out positive and will ask the hospital to come and pick you up from the hotel with the ambulance. 

Lately, There have been some delays in picking up to go to the hospital as the number of cases have significantly increased, Therefore you will be asked to stay in your room until you are transferred to the Hospital. 

Another Option is also available for Self Quarantine in Case you have mild or No Symptoms, which is to go isolate in a Quarantine hotel or a Hospitel. 

Quarantine Hotel

How about insurance, Does it cover the Quarantine Hotel Too or Only the Hospital?

This Question was very popular among travelers who are not accepting the idea to Stay in Hospital while only showing Mild or No Symptoms, However, Travelers also don’t want to pay for the Price of the Isolation at the Quarantine Hotel. 

If staying at a Quarantine Hotel (AQ or Hospitel), The Entity will issue a Certificate of completion  saying that the guest has been isolated in the Hotel Room for minimum Required 10 days and free to Go. Guests can use this Letter to claim insurance companies for this Stay according to that receipt/letter. 

Please note that not all the insurance companies are Providing the reimbursement of the AQ/ Hospitel Hotels Stay, The Company that has confirmed providing this is Tune Protect.


Phuket Sandbox Hassle Free Packages

Maya Phuket Hotel Nai Yang Beach
Maya Phuket Hotel 7 Nights Sandbox Package
Deluxe Room

Package Price

18,540 THB
For 7 Nights
26560 USD
Andakira Hotel Patong
Andakira Hotel Patong 7 Nights Sandbox Package
Superior Room

Package Price

18,960 THB
For 7 Nights
24500 USD
Oakwood Hotel Journeyhub Phuket 7 Nights Sandbox Package
Deluxe Room

Package Price

19,380 THB
For 7 Nights
24505 USD
Andamantara Resort Phuket 7 Nights Sandbox Package
Deluxe Room

Package Price

19,520 THB
For 7 Nights
23500 USD
Phuketa Phuket Town 7 Nights Sandbox Package
Deluxe Front View Room

Package Price

20,960 THB
For 7 Nights
24450 USD

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