Visa Extension Thailand

All You need to know For Extending Your Visa in Thailand

If You arrived Thailand and You want to extend Your Stay Duration of Your Visa (Holding Special Tourist Visa (STV) or Tourist Visa (TR), or Coming with the Visa Exemption Scheme; Then You will need to Prepare the Below Documents Before Going to the Immigration Office:

  1. TM7 Form
  2. Photocopy of the Passport
  3. Original Passport
  4. Personal Photo
  5. Extension Fees which is 1,900 THB

Special Tourist Visa (STV) Extension

If You are Holding The Special Tourist Visa (STV), Then You will be able to Extend your Stay Twice, 90 days Each and with the fees of 1,900 THB each time. So You can Stay total of 270 Days in Thailand (Around 9 months)

Tourist Visa (TR) Extension

If you are Holding the Tourist Visa (TR), then You will be able to Extend Your Stay for an Additional 30 Days, Making you able to Stay a total Duration of 90 Days in Thailand.

Visa Exemption Scheme

If You came to Thailand with the Visa Exemption Scheme, Then you will be able to extend your Stay twice, The first Time you can extend it to an additional of 15 Days, and The Second Time for an Additional of 30 Days. This will make you able to have a total stay Duration of 75 Days in Thailand.

Visit Thailand During COVID 19

Royal Vacation is ready to handle your visit to Thailand During the COVID 19 Pandemic; we will take care of you starting from Applying for the STV Visa or TR Visa, Booking Your ALSQ/ASQ, Planning your Trip, till your Departure back to your home Country. Check the below links for more Details and Packages.

Applicable Types of Visa

Our Visa Assistance Service

Visa Related Products

In Order to Enter Thailand During the COVID 19 Pandemic, You have to stay for 14 Days Quarantine, You will spend them at an ASQ Property (Alternative State Quarantine). You will Also Need A Travel and Medical Insurance and a Booked Flight Ticket, You can Check all of these Products Below.

Tourist Visa (TR)

By Using our Visa Assistance Service, Our Team will Assist in The Visa Process until you receive your Visa.

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